Snowplowing Service Operations Information

During every winter weather event, our teams are working to maximize efficiency in the field. In addition to our vast onsite crews and fleets, we have teams on-duty at our headquarters directing all field operations. When problems arise, our operations managers are there to problem-solve and keep the operations running smoothly. With a large team behind your clearing operation, you can be confident in our ability to pull off a smooth and successful event, even in the toughest conditions.

Our Snow Plowing Equipment and Technology

To serve our customers as best as possible, Winter Services, Inc. utilizes the latest technology to carry out our operations. We use GPS tracking on our fleets to locate our vehicles in real-time, keeping our crews accountable, saving time and money. This gives our operations managers an overview of what is happening at any given moment, allowing them the flexibility to dispatch and reroute fleets at a moment’s notice to better serve our clients.

During every winter event, Winter Services staffs a state-of-the-art call center to provide detailed time-keeping data for each facility and crew. By maintaining this data, we can more accurately predict our time and materials for each facility, providing greater overall efficiency.

Wisconsin and Midwestern Weather Monitoring

Winter Services employs three on-staff meteorologists to assist in preparation for each winter weather event, no matter how great or small. Additionally, we subscribe to multiple advanced weather services to track the weather before and during the event. This allows us to dispatch our crews at precisely the right time to most efficiently provide service. Our advanced operations centers give us the ability to be ready for any winter storm.

Blizzard Contingency Plans

In even the most unpredictable Wisconsin weather, Winter Services has you covered. Our Blizzard Contingency Plan is put into action when there is 8” or more of snow in a single storm with high winds and freezing temperatures. This ensures that your facilities will be properly serviced, even in the longest Wisconsin and Midwestern blizzards. We have extra equipment and staff on-call to continuously provide our top-notch services to you. In addition, all of our facilities are equipped with backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies so we can continue to operate without missing a beat when you need us most.

Contact the snowplowing service providers at Winter Services today for more information on our snow removal equipment, technology and Blizzard Contingency Plan.


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Weather Monitoring Services

Keeping you up-to-date with storm reports and action plans

Blizzard Contingency Plans

Blizzard Contingency Plans

We'll have you covered when the big storms hit