Snowfall Risk Management Services

Each year, over one million Americans seek emergency room treatment for accidental falls with 300,000 of these people suffer disabling injuries. On average, 12,000 die from their injuries. In fact, slip and fall injuries rank second to automobile accidents. (LESCO News, Falls 2002, Vol. 40) Winter Services, Inc. takes a proactive approach to snow removal operations in order to optimize safety and minimize unnecessary claims and lawsuits.

Our first priority on every job is to maintain safe surfaces for customers and employees. Our first step in accomplishing this is to establish specific pre-season on-site training with a designated work force and supervisors to ensure consistent, quality service. The pre-season visit allows our staff to plan well ahead and determine your unique requirements for snow removal and management with commercial grade snow plows, commercial grade snow pushers, front-end loaders, skid steers and de-icing products.

A detailed written lot assessment and inspection is completed after each service to expand our commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. We also regularly communicate with our customers regarding upcoming storms, snowfall or inclement weather with our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week weather monitoring services.

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We pride ourselves on providing employees with the most extensive training program in the snow removal industry. 

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